Welcome to a new year of fun and games at Langley Riders. Whether you're a new member to the club or a well seasoned veteran, Games Days at Langley Riders are all about learning new skills, perfecting skills you already know, meeting people and making new friends, but most of all it's enjoying the day with your horse.

Please remember that if riding; western, western attire is required (long sleeve western shirt, boots, and either a western hat or games helmet).

English tack and attire is also allowed in games. The mixing of English and Western tack is not allowed with the exception of snaffle bits. Protective head gear is allowed in both English and Western attire. If hard hats are worn, harnesses are mandatory.

It is mandatory that participants under 18 years of age wear properly fitted, approved BSI or ASTM protective headgear with safety harness correctly secured at all times while mounted, riding during the competition or on event grounds. It is strongly suggested that all competitors wear protective headgear.


Western Hat, Gaming Hat or Helmet may be worn with Western or English attire.
All Helmets must have harnesses.

It is mandatory that Tiny Mites wear helmets.

All riders must be suitably attired according to Western or English rules but should be one or the other.

Hats must be on when crossing the start line. Elimination if the hat is not on the riders head when crossing the start line. No penalty will be imposed if the hat falls off while on course.


Barrel race rules any type of riding tack allowed.

Western or English tack is allowed but no mixing of the two with exception of snaffle bits.

Type of reins used optional. Two hands on reins allowed.

Martingales, tie downs, hackamores, bosals, and cavesons allowed

All humane type bits allowed.

Approved flat curb chains allowed, nothing less than a half inch wide.

Spurs allowed.

Remember volunteers are needed!!!

Please come out and get your hours in or just lend a hand to help with ring crew, gate, announcing, etc. There is always a job to do and your help is not only wanted but much appreciated. Contact the Games Director if you can plan ahead of time to volunteer at any of the Games Days.

Current HCBC is required to ride on LRS property and in all events