Riders are to be neat and tidy. If competitors are not suitably dressed the Show Management / Judge may refuse to allow them to compete.
Jackets are not mandatory.
Paddock boots with half champs, tights or yoga pants (beige or black preferred) are permitted. Collared, buttoned shirts or polo shirts are acceptable. Shirts must be neatly tucked in.
All boots must have a heel.
No chaps, t-shirts, tank tops, jeans or other similar dress will be permitted.
All competitors must wear ASTM or BSI approved helmets with the safety harness correctly fastened at all times while jumping on the competition grounds.


Braiding is optional.
There are no restrictions on saddles, but must be of English type.
All horse leg boots are allowed as long as safe and secure.
Only blunt spurs without rowels or sharp edges may be worn.
Competitors are allowed to use a dressage whip of 110 cm when schooling but are strictly forbidden to use or to carry one which is more than 75 cm in length in the competition ring.
Draw reins are permitted in the schooling ring, not while competing. They must be used in a safe manner.
Attached to the girth, running through the front legs and secured at the neck.
Attached to the breastplate.
Attached to the girth at the billet
Standing martingales secured as above will be permitted in jumper classes.
Running, Irish, bib, etc. martingales must be used with rein stops.
Restrictive devices such as the German martingale, De Gogue, Chambon, running reins etc may not be used for competition.
Sheepskin may be used on each cheek piece of the bridle providing the sheepskin does not exceed 3 cm in diameter measured from the horse's face.
All EC bits allowed. Gags and hackamores are allowed.
Anywhere on the competition grounds, in the interests of safety, the stirrup iron and the stirrup leather (this also applies to safety stirrups) must hang freely from the bar of the saddle and the outside of the flap. There must be no other restrictions or attachments of any kind. The competitor must not directly or indirectly be tied to any part the saddlery.
For all competitors, if the harness comes undone, or the hat falls off, the rider must retrieve and/or do up the hat, with assistance if necessary, before the next obstacle is taken. There will be no penalty other than the loss of time. Failure to do up the harness or retrieve protective headgear before taking the next jump results in elimination.
Schooling equipment for safety may be allowed at Judges discretion. The rider may be placed after all riders with proper tack at Judges discretion. Requests must be done before the start of the event or first class to be considered, otherwise class tack specifications stand. Riders 13 and under will be most eligible.

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